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Tradegods is a daily stock options and crypto signal provider through our team of professional analysts delivered daily to premium members on our discord channel.
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Who are we?

Our specialty is Stock Options Trading. Tradegods is a team of dedicated stock market analysts that spend their days looking over charts and trends in order to find the best possible opportunities to enter highly profitable trades. We make it easy to follow our plays and make money with us.

Why Us?

With over 10 years experience in Technical Analysis for stock options and crypto between us, you can be sure that you will be led by professional full time Day Traders. Follow our stock market plays everyday for big profits!




i'm mainly into crypto trading with binance and i can say that those analysts are far more than professionals some calls have passed the 2000% roi and that's insane!!! Highly recommended i promise i'll be a member forever, this can be really life changing


Really love this group!! they provide step by step material to help you from a beginner to an advanced trader!! the plays they provide are always on point, and they only want us to succeed!! I'm very thankful for all the analysts and wish for the best in the future..Let's grow these ports!!


The consistency of 99% of the calls i've seen is remarkable. compared to what education/support they offer and the 60 bucks monthly fee this is really nothing i loved the deal of paying 60 and making hundreds or even thousands but There will always be plays that go south but for every loss I've seen 6 wins. Keep it up boys we can't lose!


I had no previous knowledge about trading anything but moneyprinter encouraged me to try it out and i'm really surprised! this group is more than educational and their results are far beyond expectations i really hope this group will be there forever cheers.