Frequently asked Questions

What is your refund/cancellation policy?
Sorry, as we give you access to proprietary tools, assets, and knowledge, we do not offer refunds but you are welcome to cancel your membership at anytime. If canceled , any applied discounts are forfeited.
if i need help how can i contact you?
Navigate to Contact Us and submit your request/question and someone will respond shortly. Thank you for your patience!
do you personally profit if i buy these options/coins you suggest?
Absolutely not. The companies will report their earnings with or without our intervention and their stock will go up or down in reaction to it. All we are doing is the leg work on the front end to research and speculate, so that we can make our picks prior to these companies announcing. we then make a post so everyone can see the Picks for the Week and trade along once they do their own due diligence.
What is your success rate?
You can check our Testimonials/winning trade channels on our discord server to see how we do each week....but the point of the server is not to "just make picks." We are a community of experienced options traders that are helping others learn to be more profitable and consistent when trading. We've spent countless hours making sure that every member of our community has access to the invaluable knowledge and experience that can be found within our group. How successful you are is dependant on your own effort to learn and participate within our community.
how do i manage/cancel my membership?
Click the Dashboard link to access your account and manage your payment from there. To cancel, please contact support on our Discord Server by opening a support ticket!
Can i pay with bitcoin and crypto?
Yes you can! you just need to join our discord server ( ) and create a ticket.
How much money do you recommend to start with?
We recommend having a minimum of $250 expendable money in your account, but we do have plenty of members with less that paper trade for practice and use the month to learn as much as they can.
Is your services available globally?
The service is available for members internationally. You will need to research yourself what broker to use as we are not familiar with what broker is available and best suited in your country.